Veneer Brick and the Environment

Royal Thin Brick and the Environment

Royal Thin Brick® can be used on virtually any wall that has been correctly prepared to accept thin brick. The wall does not need to be load bearing as is necessary for full-size brick. No demolition and minimal added construction are required to install a thin brick finish. Royal uses less raw material and energy while achieving the same look as a full thickness brick wall.

Because it is so much thinner, Royal Thin Brick uses up to 80% less raw materials to manufacture and transport than full-size brick. And Royal Thin Brick is manufactured thin, creating less waste before and after firing. Some thin brick comes from cutting the face off of full-size fired brick – and then throwing the rest away!

Ironrock manufactures Royal Thin Brick in Canton, Ohio. Nearly all material is mined within a fifty-mile radius of the manufacturing facility.

Since its inception as a brick paver manufacturer over one hundred fifty years ago, Ironrock has had a commitment of stewardship toward the land and its resources. The family-owned company prides itself on its effort to recycle, reduce waste, and incorporate resource saving practices into everyday work practices.

Masonry Veneer Manufacturing

Highlights of Royal Thin Brick Manufacturing

• Finished products include unfired waste material

• The heat from our kilns is also a heat source for our dryers

• Fired scrap is reground and used in the manufacture of new products

• The remaining fired scrap is inert and is used as fill and for road beds

• Royal Thin Brick products contain about 5% waste material

• The manufacturing facility uses the most energy efficient equipment available



Veneer Brick

Royal Thin Brick is Green Brick

• The product is inert after firing in kilns at over 2,000o Fahrenheit

• Royal is manufactured thin for less waste in manufacturing

• Royal is durable and can last the life of the building and beyond

• Royal can be reused or used as fill at the end of its life

• Basic natural materials – clay and shale - make up Royal Thin Brick

• There are no glazes or coatings added to the surface of Royal Thin Brick